It’s Greek for me!

To make a morsel enter my mouth, the texture, the flavour, the aroma, the colour, are all put through an acid test. Call me what you like, but believe me you, I have been like this all my life. As a kid, I would go to the kitchen and inspect mom-made food to see if the four of these are okay. If not, I would declare ‘I am not hungry’. Of course at that point in time I never knew I would grow up to be in love with food.
Later, a lot of additions were made to this list (which are often written about at DFZ).
I once opined that food courts at shopping malls can never serve good food, and hence should not be even thought about unless you are dying of hunger and cannot drag yourself to a good restaurant nearby, or far away for that matter. Little did I know that I would soon trounce my own opinion (proudly so), and throw it down the tallest tower. Ha!
Wow! I am finally talking (read writing) about Wow Italia, the one place whose mention can make my stomach growl and howl. This place has left me awed for quite some time now; this is the place I would love to visit again and again and yet again. They do, inarguably, the best Greek Pizza in or around town.
Stationed in the food court of The Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon, for money the size of the smallest black mustard seed (‘maybe’ I am exaggerating), Wow Italia serves me their chef-d’oeuvre Greek Pizza topped with Fresh Garlic, Feta cheese (my favourite), Black Olives, Parsley and Green Beans. If I die and go to heaven when I have Costa Hot Choc, after having this Greek Pizza, I enter a state of blissful trance.

Wow Italia also hold the distinction of being the first eatery to own a heartfelt personal note hand-written for them by Reeta Skeeter on a circular sheet of paper which comes beneath the Pizza on the Pizza tray. 😀

Also, I would recommend their Pasta (Spaghetti is the best bet) with Dansih Gorgonzola. This pasta is falvoured with Rosemary and topped with Capers, Black olives and Parsley. Yum!
Do visit. You will NOT regret.

THE Pizzeria

I invite * to join me for luncheon at a Pizzeria where Pizzas are baked in a mango-wood fired oven. Time and Date: will be told personally.
The Pizzeria that I speak of, is located at Vasant Vihar (New Delhi), by the name Sartoria. I know quite a few places in Delhi which bake their Pizzas in ovens, but sadly the ovens used are the electric ones. Sigh!

A clay oven…Can u spot the chimeny on the top?

Another clay oven

Traditionally, Pizzas are made in either a wood or a coal fired ‘Brick Oven’. But these days ‘Clay Ovens’, fired by the same fuels are more popular. If you have ever chanced upon a ‘Brick Oven’ and have had a Pizza baked in that, I must say you are DAMN lucky!

A wood fired oven

I conclude by saying that Reeta yearns for a Pizza baked at a Pizzeria which has a ‘Brick Oven’; and the Pizzeria be situated at one of the lesser known places (approachable only by foot) in the bylanes of Himachal.

And my ideal Pizzeria would look something like this:

P.S.: For those who would like to own the latest electric oven chk out the one being sold by
Kalamazoo, while I ready myself to savour one made in an oven fired by mango-wood.