The Mulberry Tales…

Unlike the lazy bum Reeta Skeeter is now, she was found to be quite active as a child. *Sigh*
You know, the kinds who would go for a swim for four hours at a stretch… The kinds who’d absolutely loathe the afternoon siesta…
In the afternoons she would be out playing tennis against the wall or gathering Mulberries that fell from the tree if she was playing on the clay court…
*Playing Jaane Kahan gaye wo din… Ok Ok no more drama now*
Yes, that was what triggered this Childhood flashback: Mulberries.

For, I had them after long the other day.

The sweet, tangy, juicy fruit of the red Mulberry dissolves itself at the touch of the tongue, and unleashes a flavour that has a charm not worthy of words. It can only be tasted. It is known to the Hindi, Arabic speaking population as Shahtoot (Shah=King, Toot=Mulberry) or King’s Mulberry and is available in Delhi in two varieties, namely White Mulberry and Red Mulberry.

The Red one is deep red and has a tinge of purple. However, I fail to understand why the White Mulberry is called so, as it starts from being pale yellow in colour and ripens to acquire a soothing green coloured skin. Red, is my favourite as it has a naughty tangy flavour. And it leaves red stains, if you drop it somwhere. The green one (or white or whatever you may call it) oozes sweetness and is a pleasure for those with a sweet tooth.
Oh yeah, there is a Mulberry Tea available too! More about it when I lay my hands on it 😉