This day, That year

The culinary journey of Miss Reeta Skeeter (in blogsville that is to say) completes ONE year today.
Happy Birthday blog dear!
Wish I could bake you a cake. I ate and drank on your behalf, instead. Hope you are happy to hear oops… read that. I ate bhel puri and drank lemonade, besides other things. And for the readers here’s a treat. I am showcasing my favourite hangout at Janpath today. If I visit Janpath and don’t visit this shop, the visit is incomplete. DePaul’s is the name. It stands in the Janpath marketplace since 50 years + now. Ain’t that cool?! I have enjoyed each and every visit here to the fullest. Their Cold Coffee (which is what they are immensely popular for) is to die for. The range of flavours they have on offer includes Vanilla, Mocha, Cappucino, Hazelnut and what not. My favourites are the Hazlenut and Mocha ones…Here’s a quick peep at the counter, that looks the same since I was a kid.
This place is highly recommended.