Dilli gol hai!!!

Yes dilli gol hai!!! Mere liye to gol hai… Wherever Skeeter goes she reaches CP…haha!!

The other day, the weather took a turn for good and the heavy downpour lifted everybody’s spirits. Skeeter was working late… And was damn hungry…

Wenger’s had been on the mind since days… So she headed there. Got herself 1 Blueberry Mousse, 1 Tiramisu and 1 Hazlenut Swiss roll.

The Tiramisu won the taste buds for its perfectly blended ingredients.

The day ended in a superb way… The drive from CP to North Delhi (windows rolled down) for which Skeeter passed through one of her fave stretches of road shall keep Skeeter in a good mood for many days to come…

Happy Blogging!!!