Chefish blunders

Chef went up the market, to fetch a few ounces of batter
Chef went mad and lost the hat
And the Utthapam came floating after!

P.S. : The tragedy mentioned in the post happened because Skeeter was not in a mood to cook… πŸ˜›

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  1. F.H.: ARRE!!! dnt b silly… its just that all of a sudden, a mood swing made me “nt feel like” coking for a change… but still had to to it and then i messed eveything up lol.. πŸ˜‰
    Anony: Go get a name for urself first.. then i will buy a recipe book…

  2. hey, That was total disaster. But why?
    According to my little exp Uttapam is a very simple dish indeed; more so when u buy readymade batter. The trick lies in how u handle the tava- thats all.
    I can’t believe u cud not do this much. It is simply not u; from whatever little I understand.
    U said somthing about the preoccup- I think that was the trouble.
    My advice- don’t worry, be happy

  3. Kulpreet: Lol!! I am always happy πŸ™‚ I can generally juggle 5-6 tasks at a time, but that day there were about 10 to finish and i liked doing none! So all the anger was vented out on the Utthapams πŸ˜›
    And btw where all did u go when u were in dilli?

  4. Well, a lot of place actually to list.
    Let me try- I stayed at Janakpuri for a couple of days before going to Alwar where my parents live.
    In Delhi, I visted Indirapuram where I have a flat.
    Ate at TGI, CP; Wengers, CP; A place in district center I can’t remember the name; KFC, Rajoiri…
    Will be back there once again on the 17th for my book launch at Oxford, CP. Will send u an invite. It wud be fun to meet a blog friend.
    See some interesting info on wine at my blog.

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