If food and love were not made for each other…

…I wonder if I would bother cooking!!!
So says The Twisted Gourmet.
And since the day I’ve read this line, I am a fan.
It holds true to the T for Skeety.
So here goes this post for Pa, Ma, Nearly Headless Nick and Chicken Little (for whom I love to cook).

A subway-style salad that Skeety made πŸ˜€

Potato rings from Tesco with sour cream and mint dip (made by Skeety again)

0 thoughts on “If food and love were not made for each other…”

  1. Salad looks delicious! I always order Taco Salad with Mexican ingredients, tastes so yum.
    I find those Potato rings very bland, unless you sprinkle some Chaat masala!!:)
    Super bowl Sunday!! YAY!
    Check out Aroma for a BEAUTIFUL Herb swirl bread and Kodubales!

  2. Umang: πŸ™‚
    Asha: πŸ˜€ thanks! Yeah they are bland but nice when I pair them with the sour cream dip… yummm πŸ˜€ checking aroma right away!
    Happy Blogging!

  3. Those potato rings are “Hulla Hoops”! I love them!
    The salad looks like a pool of healthy food that I can dive in! πŸ™‚
    I didn’t get the title though, does it mean “love food!”? Well if it is the case, I’m a fan of the line too! πŸ˜‰

  4. WOW!!!
    You really made that?????????

    Are you really a skeeter or are you one of the hogwarts eleves?

    i think i’ll barg into ur home one of these days…u live in my city…

    ps–you beat me, i was gonna comment on ur blog first. reeta skeeter indeed. long blood feud with the weasleys. lol! wanna join our potter blog?

  5. Ankur: Yo! They are hulla hoops πŸ˜‰ And I loveeee them too!
    No it does not mean love food… kya yaar?! You disappointed me… phir se padh! Figure it out!
    The Twisted Gourmet: Really?! How I wish!!!
    Kya thanks? It is so well said πŸ™‚ I should thank ya πŸ˜€
    Happy Blogging!
    lostweasely: Welcome here!
    Yep I REALLY made that…
    I am Reeta and not R”i”ta Skeeter πŸ˜‰
    Oh you are a dilliwaali!
    Yesh! I am RS! Sabse Tez is my quill heee πŸ˜€ I saw your blog earlier as well, the name is so irresistible!

  6. What attractive looking salad plates. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but now I am! Nice series…Are you inviting this gang over any time soon?

  7. don: πŸ˜€ Thanks…Come over to India πŸ˜€
    gunj: I got all ingredients from INA and Khan market πŸ˜€ nothing much mayo, vinagrette, salt and oregano πŸ˜€
    c e e d y: he he thanks.. its not really hidden… people tend to overlook it.
    siropdevanille: hehe thanks πŸ˜€ welcome here!
    K M F: welcome here and thanks!
    Raghu Ram Prasad: I didn’t make potato rings they are from tesco’s I made the dip… πŸ˜€
    thanks and welcome here!

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