Little wonders

At times little things that you want, HAPPEN. My case was something like this: I used to interview celebs and commoners. When all this was at its peak, I had people coming to me and asking me to ‘please’ write about them. I remember this particular incident. About 4/5 years ago AK came to me and asked me to do a story on her. Half-heartedly I started doing it (I was sure the Editor would say NO to it later on). The fact that she wanted me to write about her put me off, for I should have been the one asking her to talk to me. Anyway, the story got published in TOI and that was that. Years later, I read about her on the front page of TOI. And I was like :O That was her fate. O’ course she is a famous artist now and all that.And with incidents of the like happening on a day-to-day basis, I wondered [I was a kid then ;)] if a day would come when I will be written about. Lo and Behold!
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    Excellent developments…both on your blog and outside it. I hope you and your blog reach even greater heights of every kind of success. Warmest best wishes.

  2. Chan: @Mr.Siegel πŸ˜€
    Haan padha maine…But the one I visit is not the one mentioned in Jai’s blog. But yes I find CP Costa people (staffers) quite rude. How’s Hyd’bad coming along?
    woody: Thank You for such a sweet comment πŸ™‚ Touched *Hugs*
    gmg: Thank You! Haha πŸ˜€ Go go eat eat!

  3. Cool!! Do you know I was mentioned in TOI too before? I have posted the article at FH too. It feels so good to see our names even without asking for it!:))
    Congratulations Skeeter, enjoy!:))

  4. read it pretty late, bt Heartiest congratulations for your achievement πŸ™‚

    Hope i’ll be there soon…for other reasons thou πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work…
    P.S.: ab iske liye toh party banti hai :), when are where, lemme know plzzz

  5. You being featured in the article is awsome…cudnt say more! I was sooo happy…my darling frend is a star! may be some day you will be on front page of TOI too…after all AK also started somewhere!!
    And I know that feeling of irritation when people ask you to write about them…i feel like tellin them “get a life man” if they were worthy enough we would come to them ourselves. I was particularly irritated by this one person in NJ who wanted me to do a centrespread interview of him (I was doing a series at that time)..he called me so often and eminded me of it …and one sardarji actually made his own centrespread inspired by mine and sent it to me saying ki he was worthy enough! what a world we live in!

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