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This blog is, from this day, dedicated to the memory of Sabina Sehgal Saikia. Skeets had always wanted to make her read this blog. Alas Skeety was unable to do that in time. In 10 months to be precise. This someone is one of the few people who sowed the seeds of ‘love for food’ in Skeety.
And then, Skeety wants to thank R. Thank You R for asking ‘that’ question. Thanks for setting a few very important things right. Thanks for everything. Be with Skeets.
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For change this ain’t no food post per se. But then it does revolve around food. It has to! Innit?
A very random post this. Perhaps best describes the *floating* state of mind.’
Skeets was sitting at a certain ‘Subway’ in a certain locality in NCR. Enjoying a fresh BIG plate of crispy iceberg lettuce topped with yum yum gherkins, yum yum jalapenos, yum yum balck olives, yum yum tomatoes, cool cool cucumbers and YUMMIEST of them all the Sweet Onion dressing πŸ™‚ So? That’s normal. Eh? NO!!!
Skeety got stares. From EVERY single person who was present there. The only good thing today was that Skeety chewing away the salad more merrily than a cow or sheep chew on their pasture πŸ˜›
Skeets acknowledged yet ignored stares. Spoke to the self in the mind. Had a nice time basically. And one day Skeets shall share with you a list of restaurants in Delhi where you do NOT get stares for being an unaccompanied girl, eating merrily in a restaurant.
Girls can have all the fun! πŸ˜€

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  1. Just yesterday when I looked at the Times Food Guide and put it back in the compartment in the car, I commented to S that I will miss SSS very much. Even if I didn’t know her personally, I will think of her and miss her. Each time I dine out πŸ™‚

  2. And yes! Seeing picture of sausages I think the recently opened delicatessen at Oberoi, Delhi is a great place to pick up such stuff. I yesterday got some Milano Salami, chicken ham and Blue cheese. A hole in the pocket though, but worth it.

  3. I just spent the past hour going through your blog…and I love it!
    It’s soo cool to look at interesting foodie joints in Delhi…some familiar some not so familiar…I’m definitely going to take you up on a lot of your recommendations during my next trip home.
    Sigh….reading your blog made me realize just how much I miss Dilli..sigh:(

  4. bee: thank you sooo much… nice to see you drop in here..
    don: haha thank you so much…your comments DO MEAN a LOT!
    Raaga: Me misses her too…Pot Luck is not the same without her and can NEVER be πŸ™
    Kulpreet: yes she was…

    arrey they are not sausages..doughnuts hain!!! hehe…which variety of blue cheese was it and from which region?
    Ranjani: Your comment has left me humbled. Thank your for your kinds words…makes the blog worth all the effort.. welcome here πŸ™‚ keep dropping in…and yeah Dilli is the BEST place to be I say πŸ˜€

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