Yikes Maggi!!!!!

Yes I am talking about MAGGI!!!!!!!

Worst day in my life ever….Mama was not in a mood to cook. Everyone selected their options from the leftover food…Skeets opted for maggi and a cheese toast along with a tall glass of Tang to satiate hunger. Maggi always come first.So Skeets took out the pan, poured water and put it to boil. Added maggi and tastemaker(less than half of it). Took out a stirrer AND before her eyes were 3-4 small ants/worms ….Skeets doesn;t know what breed were they..so she can’t call them a name…But m putting up the pics …
YUCK! 🙁 🙁 🙁 Have to write to maggi ppl about it…Recently had sent a big carton of Maggi to the sis…Hope nothing like this comes out of those…Skeets is too shocked to write more…

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  1. too bad! i simply luv maggi n if smthng lk dis happens specially wen m hungry, i’d go crazy!!! anyways…u reminded me of it, i might have it today!;)

  2. nah krithika…they r nt selling stuff past their expiry date…but the place they store it in, probably has some hygiene probs…It is disgusting…neway.. had maggi from a fesh pack yesterday and it was fine… but all that happened will take time to be forgotten… tc!! Happy Blogging!!

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