Aloo Karare!

Happy New Year All!

The humble potato is Delhi’s delight during the winter months. And aloo chaat, is the best form in which the potato can be consumed in this part of the world, at this time of the year.
As the temperature drops to the season’s lowest, I sit down and close my eyes. I see a photo slide of the various foods that I’d love to gorge on this winter (as any other). Aloo chaat, shakarkandi, jalebis from Chandni Chowk, mom-made halwa, kaanji (the blood red spicy drink made from bleeding carrots), and what not flash before my eyes.
I happened to visit the Ham House (known to people as Hamilton House), aloo chaat wala twice in the past two weeks and thought of talking (read writing) about him here. As the name suggests, the chaat wala sits (in a corner) outside the Hamilton House, Inner Circle, Connaught Place.

I’ve been having the alu chaat made by him ever since I’ve been visiting Connaught Place.

A visit to Connaught Place is rather incomplete without a nibble at this spicy snack, priced slightly high at Rs.20 for a plate.
Vijay is the man who carries forward the legacy of his father and elder brother of selling the famed chaat. And it has been 35 years since Delhiites have had the pleasure of gorging on it.

Vijay also does a fruit chaat for you, if you want. During winters he also does the sweet potato or shakarkandi to please your tatse buds. But nothing beats the humble potato: diced, fried, spiced up (mild spicy to fiery hot) and served hot. Ahaaa! Yummm!

And yeah he faced the axe from the Supreme Court when the street food vendors and stalls were asked to be removed. Later, everything fell in place (only for old players like these) and now he sells chaat to you legally. 🙂

There is difference between ‘being merrily high’ and ‘being drunk’

And I insist, I am nt drunk… NO!! I am nt.. M just merrily merrily high! Anyway…went to Q’Ba, Connaught Place, E block with P… The ambience was ok, the service was very nice, the food was pathetic… Not worth one penny we spent there.The vegetable seekh kebabs were hopeless, the blue breeze tasted like a long lost cousin of Pina Colada…It was neither Pina Colada nor Blue curacao.. but sumthing else only… sumthing that I could nt figure out… Dal Makhani was good… The bread was cold and funny. I say that if u go there… U must try this… U must try visiting the loos. They r gr8… really!!! They r!!! Plants in each loo. Wow!!! Had they just thought about the food a bit more…Ufffffff!!!!!

Switch to evening… Had thoda sa neat whisky… got merrily high… insisted that Chicken Little takes me to a particualr shop frm where I had banta (Lemon) and desi patte wala Paan (betel leaf)… And CL thinks m drunk.. m nt!! m only merrily high!!!