There is difference between ‘being merrily high’ and ‘being drunk’

And I insist, I am nt drunk… NO!! I am nt.. M just merrily merrily high! Anyway…went to Q’Ba, Connaught Place, E block with P… The ambience was ok, the service was very nice, the food was pathetic… Not worth one penny we spent there.The vegetable seekh kebabs were hopeless, the blue breeze tasted like a long lost cousin of Pina Colada…It was neither Pina Colada nor Blue curacao.. but sumthing else only… sumthing that I could nt figure out… Dal Makhani was good… The bread was cold and funny. I say that if u go there… U must try this… U must try visiting the loos. They r gr8… really!!! They r!!! Plants in each loo. Wow!!! Had they just thought about the food a bit more…Ufffffff!!!!!

Switch to evening… Had thoda sa neat whisky… got merrily high… insisted that Chicken Little takes me to a particualr shop frm where I had banta (Lemon) and desi patte wala Paan (betel leaf)… And CL thinks m drunk.. m nt!! m only merrily high!!!

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  1. I have mostly had promising reviews abt QBA! urs must be the first conflicting opinion! u sure u weren’t drinking before ending up in CP??? πŸ˜€
    whisky on the rocks! and u want us to bliv this is plain merriment! πŸ˜€

  2. G.S: Even I got gud reviews for the place dear… m sure i wasnt drinking… and wot i drank was at night… and it was so little that it cud’nt get me to be “drunk” only “merrily high”… I INSIST…And yes… the Q’BA review comes to u from a food critic… πŸ˜‰ Pls…whenever u happen to visit that place, com bk and tell me how u found it to be..

  3. you know what, now thaks to all the pics of food you’ve put up…i feel hungry when i come to you site, and i can actually smell food! it feels like a warm kitchen! keep it up skeeter!

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