Nawabi fare

Hyderabadi, Lucknawi, Kashmiri, Pakistani, Karachi-an, Bombay…. These are not the names of different places; these, are the names of special places. Places, from where the Nawabi fare, as I like to call it, has come into being. I am talking about the ever delightful, the delectable, the sumptuous – BIRYANI.

One visit to the India International Trade Fair (IITF 2006) made me buy sixteen, yes, sixteen packets of biryani masalas from the stall of my favourite brand Shan. They are available at IITF-2006, Pragati Maidan, Hall number 12, Pakistan pavillion area. Those who are in Delhi or would be visiting Delhi, anyday till 27th November, must try, Shan Biryani masalas. I bought enough supply to last a year. I am going back tomorrow to buy some more stuff from there…maybe the pickles this time… Coming back from the fair I heard two aunties calling me… beta… beta … Shan ka stall kahan pe hai... they were desperate to know the exact location… I obliged to tell them the directions till they were happy and satisfied.

Back to the Biryani…. I prefer the one dat is cooked in the traditional cauldron with the atta (wheat-dough) sealed onto its ends… And yes I love onions… loads and loads and loads of them in my Biryani… The Hyderabadi Biryani is the best I have tasted so far and if voted, I think, it will be the national Biryani of India.. Wotsay??
Ah yes, I love only Veg Biryanis!!!

Skeeter’s shopping!! Whoa!