Spaghetti has a House

Skeets was eyeing Spaghetti House (like she eyes so many other places), since the few times that she went past it. And while she was on the Open Bus Tour of London and was hungry like crazy she RAN to Spaghetti House before anyone could stop her. The Little One was accompanying her 🙂 Rare moments those.
The Little One and Skeety have varied choices. The Little One mostly plays it safe while Skeety experiments.
So, this time round, they ordered two dishes, one each to suit both tastes. There was no time for a full course meal, so only the main course and drinks (soft) were ordered.
The Little One ordered a stone-oven baked Margherita Pizza (Le Pizze Stone) and Skeets ordered Formaggi (Italian Cheese platter).

The Pizza was a simple yet flavourful treat. It made Skeets wonder yet again, that why do people prefer to top this delicacy with so many vegetables and season it with Paprikas and Oreganos of the world. Skeety’s take: Keep it simple, enjoy the cheese, the crust and the flavour of the wood (that it has absorbed ) in which it has been baked. Simple sins are what her gourmet senses protest earnestly for (most of the times).

So much for the slice.
Now Formaggi.
The Formaggi was something The Little One laughed at. Gorgonzola, Bella Paese, Provolone cheese served along with biscuits/crackers. Not the Little One’s cuppa T you know…

Now the Formaggi tasting notes:

Gorgonzola – The soft blue-veined cheese (texture may vary to be crumbly as well). Skeets does not like this one in its solid form, she prefers it in spaghetti and the likes…
Bella Paese/Bel Paese – A semi-soft cheese which went good with the biscuits/crackers…The word means “a beautiful country” (in Italian)
Provolone – A hard, slightly pungent cheese…best had with wine.

The meal ended with a cup of Illy Coffee with Italian raw cane sugar added to it. Perfect cuppa!
Service was prompt but the staff were not very attentive.

66 Haymarket SW1Y 4RF
Tel: 020 7839 3641
(Near Cupid’s bow)
Nearest tube staton: Piccadilly

Hare Krishna Hare Ram!

Ah so Skeety is back with another experience to share with friends….Oops she means quite a few of them….only that all will take some time to post. Before we move forward, this is to tell you that Skeets is taking a break from Delhi, and is in London visiting Nearly Headless Nick. So we shall have some foodie delights from London 🙂
One of the best gifts of the ISKCON- International Society for Krishna Consciousness to Indians (or for that matter to all vegetrians and Vegans) in London, is Govinda’s restaurant.
Govinda’s do freshly cooked meals and call them what is known as the ‘Karma free diet’ (For details click HERE). Onions, garlic and mushrooms are completely off the ingredients used in cooking. And so are eggs, meat and fish!

Skeety along with Nearly Headless Nick shared a Thali which contained Rice -cooked to perfection, Whole wheat buns, Rajma -with rai/black mustard but tasted fine, excellent yellow and green lentils/dal with a strong hint of hing, side salad with dressing, Broccoli and potatoes – variation of the famed Gobhi Aloo (funny innit?), Koftas (suspected gobhi again) and fried papad or popaddum, all this for a reasonable 6.95 Sterling Pounds. A very sweet foodie who visited the same place about 20+ years back tells Skeety that the price of the same Thali was 1 Sterling Pound, back then!!! 😀

The Apple Crumble is recommended (it looked DELICIOUS). And some other items on their menu are samosas, strawberry lassi (was delicious but nowhere near the Indian lassi), pakodas, cheese burger, Lasagne, Kulfi, Gateaux et al.
Noticed: There are separate prices (read cheaper) if you choose to dine at the tables placed on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.
Also noticed: The customers are very very very very pleasantly looked after (a delight), but the staff is a bit too slow. Good and not-so-bad make it fine, Skeety guesses.
Location: 10 Soho Street, London W1D (The central line of the London Tube takes you to Oxford Circus from where you have to take the bus and get down at Soho and go asking for Soho square on foot).

Reception phone: +44(0)20 7437 3662

To have a look at the Take Away Menu click HERE.