Hare Krishna Hare Ram!

Ah so Skeety is back with another experience to share with friends….Oops she means quite a few of them….only that all will take some time to post. Before we move forward, this is to tell you that Skeets is taking a break from Delhi, and is in London visiting Nearly Headless Nick. So we shall have some foodie delights from London πŸ™‚
One of the best gifts of the ISKCON- International Society for Krishna Consciousness to Indians (or for that matter to all vegetrians and Vegans) in London, is Govinda’s restaurant.
Govinda’s do freshly cooked meals and call them what is known as the ‘Karma free diet’ (For details click HERE). Onions, garlic and mushrooms are completely off the ingredients used in cooking. And so are eggs, meat and fish!

Skeety along with Nearly Headless Nick shared a Thali which contained Rice -cooked to perfection, Whole wheat buns, Rajma -with rai/black mustard but tasted fine, excellent yellow and green lentils/dal with a strong hint of hing, side salad with dressing, Broccoli and potatoes – variation of the famed Gobhi Aloo (funny innit?), Koftas (suspected gobhi again) and fried papad or popaddum, all this for a reasonable 6.95 Sterling Pounds. A very sweet foodie who visited the same place about 20+ years back tells Skeety that the price of the same Thali was 1 Sterling Pound, back then!!! πŸ˜€

The Apple Crumble is recommended (it looked DELICIOUS). And some other items on their menu are samosas, strawberry lassi (was delicious but nowhere near the Indian lassi), pakodas, cheese burger, Lasagne, Kulfi, Gateaux et al.
Noticed: There are separate prices (read cheaper) if you choose to dine at the tables placed on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.
Also noticed: The customers are very very very very pleasantly looked after (a delight), but the staff is a bit too slow. Good and not-so-bad make it fine, Skeety guesses.
Location: 10 Soho Street, London W1D (The central line of the London Tube takes you to Oxford Circus from where you have to take the bus and get down at Soho and go asking for Soho square on foot).

Reception phone: +44(0)20 7437 3662

To have a look at the Take Away Menu click HERE.

0 thoughts on “Hare Krishna Hare Ram!”

  1. Cool! Plate look scrumtious!
    I remember they used to stop me in the street while I was living in UK asking me to buy them flour and sugar for Radha’s birthday sweet!!:D

  2. aur iske liye GBP 8????

    GBP 8 mein ek poori bakri mil jaati jiska you can make 4 kgs biryani, 2kgs rogan josh, 10 keema paranthas and the remaining can be utilized for some excellent stew.

    GBP 8… aur upar se yeh “baba log” onion, garlic aur mushroom ke bhi paise bacha lete hain!!!
    haldiram sells a better looks tuesday meal (Special Thaali) for 50 bucks flat πŸ˜‰

    tu waapis aaja… waha sab tera bewakoof bana rahe hain!!!

  3. Nearly Headless: πŸ™‚ motu
    Asha: πŸ™‚ ahhh interesting!
    deeps: I am sure they do better stuff in India…sad to write that I haven’t tasted yet…will do soon πŸ™‚
    Woody: πŸ˜› bhaag ke khao…jaldiiii πŸ™‚
    Kulpreet: Delhi rocks πŸ˜€
    dRoZzY: Oye tu bakri kha na aur khush reh!
    Superpsycho 8 nahi 6.95 GBP…padh to liya kar thik se! hmph…
    apni bakri apne pass rakh aur khaata reh saal bhar…chingoos kahin ka!
    gunj: hmmm…will comment after tasting πŸ™‚

  4. The ISKON food is always amazing.. and that thali looks so good! I have visited the Govinda in LA.. what food it had! Loved it.


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