Hairy tales@ The Big Chill

When restros, bars or cafes goof up, they often apologise with words and a complimetary something to make the patrons happy. Worldwide practise this. But rare is the case when you get abused (well sort of) by way of being told SO, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Skeety was up in fumes when the Bannofee pie @ The Big Chill, Khan Market had a 2-centimetres long hair hanging from it!

Skeety showed it to the staff and it was replaced. As Skeety didn’t want to upset herself on a holiday, and also thought it to be a one-off incident, she ate the replacment.

And lo! When the plate was about to be sent back Skeety realised the presence of ANOTHER hair in her plate, this time. TWICE in the same hour on the same bloody table.

The manager was called for.

He said SORRY, which didn’t sound one bit genuine (from the heart types). Rather it didn’t sound like a sorry at all. He refused to share the owner’s number as well. But he did insist on ANOTHER replacement. GUTS I tell you!

When Skeety refused the offer, the Manager said, SO WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Skeety does NOT and WILL NOT eat from a dirty kitchen EVER AGAIN. Also, by means of this post, SMS-es and other means Skeety is ensuring that her friends stay off the DIRTY PLACE as well…

When your hard-earned money leaves a bad taste in the mouth all you can shout out is:


P.S.: A few friends asked that WHY did Skeety pay the bill. Answer: In the hope that they might give their chefs and other staff money for shaves and haircuts…

Never going there again!

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  1. ohmygod! this is ridiculous. did you try to get in touch with the owner? i think the staff at the khan market are quite rude

  2. Quite shocking and yuckky when u told me abt it… considering I was one of those always hoping to make Big Chill our get together joint. No more of Chilling at Big Chill!!!

  3. GAWDDDD i will never visit this place again no hygiene means a big no 2 big chill thanks skeety for letting me know 🙂 i think u should inform the owner as well that Manager is rude and the chef needs a haircut he has probably got long hair LMAO

  4. Hey Skeety, I think the manager there is living in a fools paradise by not sharing the phone number of owner or a way of getting in touch with him.
    I hope your article does reach the owner and he is able to do something about it!!

  5. Ugh!! Hair hanging out of your food so yucky, isn’t it? They should compensate but that’s India. Nothing happens except probably pull out the hair and say “you can eat it now!”.

    Thanks for “da achar”, I corrected it quickly! HeHe! I know I would make a mistake somewhere when I try to “tread” unfamiliar territory! ;D

  6. Thats sooooo bad! I was in Big Chill sometime in Jan on a visit to Delhi … the first thing I noticed was they their menu was primarily Italian but they did not serve wine! Incompromisable in my book. So I can safely say that regardless of your bad experience I was never going there again and after hearing your story I going to tell my friends as well !. Btw I went food crazy in my first proper visit to your city …most memorable places were karim’s behind Jama Masjid …and a coffee shop in Priya’s which I forget the name of (they had a killer lemon meringue).

  7. Yaar maine to Big Chill jaane ka plan kiya tha (whenever I come to Delhi that is) just crashed all my dreams:-(

    But seriously, too much of a bad coincidence there..I mean TWICE!!! Christ!

  8. Haha…I liked that last quote ..They got some real guts I tell you..People like thse re not hard to find in India I guess..Too bad it happened to you..
    The name caught my eyes,being an ardent fan of HP.enjoyed reading you Skeety..:)

  9. i agree with this post…my first experience with the food at big chill was good..but they are loosing it..considering the price we pay for it the food is pathetic and nothing to talk home about ofcourse the staff is not at all courteous and is at points very cold and rude..

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