Potato feast continues…

Day before yesterday was in no mood to cook anything…but as I went to the kitchen to pick up a glass of water I saw these mashed potatoes…couldn’t resist…. thought… y nt indulge and feast… yet again!!!!!

These were followed by a tall glass of Tang…. YUMMY!!!

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  1. i remember the first time we had a glass of tang together…we were amazed that our delecate sensibilities towards mixing our favourite non-alcoholic beverage were the same,

    the way we mesured it teaspoon by teaspoon, the minute quanitities of water so that it would blend in just right…and then finally, a splash of cold water…the first sip in the heat of the summer….yum!

  2. pritika: wow!! sum1 has a coooool memory… and now dat u reminded me.. i also remember very clearly… and perhaps that is the reason that whenever i hv tang i think of u… always!
    DroZZy: Glad tere nakhre thode kam hue! Tang k bachE!

  3. Hi,
    U sure know how to enjoy life, potatoes or not.
    I will be at Oxford bookstore, CP on the 20th Nov 0630 pM onwards for my book launch event. Would be glad if you can make it there. If you decide to come, get your frinds along. See my blog for details.

  4. trupti: so u r the one i was dreading!!! well, unfortuantely ive decided nt to giv out my recipes.. and i was sure this question would come up one day or the by some blogger… and here comes trupti!! sowee darling… i might sound snob… but then, I AM THE SUPER SNOB CHEF!
    But, come to my place… take ur pick and i will cook woteva u want me to… dat’s reeta’s promise!

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